Please enjoy our selection of photographs from 2007.

- Jen & Beth

Beth is inventing a new plush toy - Pumpkin Patch Kids...... Susie & Katilyn at the Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Show.
A very pregnant Praline.... Russell scrubbing the barn walls..

Friends Susan & Ginger at the Eastern States Exposition. Jennifer & Socks in the GCH lineup at the Eastern States Exposition.
Susie & Rhyme taking a nap at a show.. These young ladies worked showing  our does throughout New England.
Russell and Beth pose for a photo at Kingston, Massachusetts first Agricultural Farm Day.  This photo appeared in the local Newspaper. Jennifer heading towards the ring with a reluctant Toggenburg kid.

Paul Sabins of Doehaven Farm Michael Covey of Seriah Farm.
Twins Rhinestone & Roulette relaxing in the barn.. Christine relaxing with Top Kat..

Susie was our designated milk maid while at the Big E. Russell taking a nap with a few of his favorite does.

Ladies Choice Farm Dairy Goats on display at Bog Hollow Farms in Kingston, MA being visited by the local Pumpkin folk....

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