This was our home a week in Colorado. 
Colorado here we come!  The Ladies Choice mobile...  en route! Bobbie Potopowitz serves up a four star dinner... from the milk pail!
Toggenburgs enjoying a dinner break! Alpines enjoy the break too.. but don't stop fighting!
Starring Bobbie Potopowitz.. in the Casino Dance! John never suspected that if he stopped to visit he'd get lucky enough to milk too!
Beth milking...  4th day on the road.. At this stop.. we had a flat tire..  yet they are still smiling away!
Relaxing with friends made the show enjoyable! Practical jokes ran amuck at the show!  Here Beth & Jen pasted "Just Married" signs all over the back of another trailer heading towards Colorado...  Who says goat people never get grouchy?
Bobbie and Paul milking beside the trailer Beth was perfectly at home in the barn

Jen milking a doe.. We forgot the milkpail.. We stopped to visit dear friends on the way home!
Our new herdsign.. Joel and Beth await the Alpine show
One of the worst places we fed.. Some wear buckets on their heads..
No trip is ever complete without the police.. Actually, the police stopped to help with the flat..

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