American Toggenburg

Dark Brown w/ correct White Markings

born: 04/04/97


Photo above is SGCH Twinbrook CHM Hope EX92 @ 9yrs of age

It's not possible to give a good description of Hope in one short paragraph. Hope is one of the founding does of our Toggenburg herd.  The stamp she imprints upon her offspring compares to no other doe we've owned.

Hope is a dark Chocolate Brown doe who excels in general appearance, is very smoothly blended throughout, her front end assembly is something to be admired and to top things off she boasts a superb mammary system.  Hope appraised EX92 EEEE. 

    S.S: ++B Dairy-Delight MDJP Whitaker
Sire: *B Cottage-Hill Whitaker's Marston
    S.D: Cottage-Hill SNN Mateel
          SGCH Twinbrook CHM Hope EX92    
    D.S: +*B Sun-Kissed Carobs Calibre
  Dam: Twinbrook SKC Vanessa  
    D.D: Twinbrook CH Princess



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