American Toggenburg

Medium Brown w/ Correct White Markings

born: 03/16/02



Photo above is Janbouree KP Starfire   EX92


Starfire is one of our favorite does.  She is a combination of two of our best lines.

As Starfire matured she held up to our highest expectations and became a very stylish doe boasting depth throughout, adding to that extremely correct shoulder assembly.  Starfire has a capacious well attached mammary system, high and wide in the rear, smooth and well extended in the fore.  Starfire appraised EX92 EEEE with a score of 45 in fore udder attachment.

As we maintain a small herd we are only able to keep the very best.  Starfire fits that profile easily.


    S.S: *B Red-Shutter NAA Juniper
Sire: *B Twinbrook Keystar EX90
    S.D: SGCH Twinbrook Royal Star EX90
          Janbouree KP Starfire EX92    
    S.S: *B Little Rainbow Dreamcast
  Dam: Janbouree Dream Poem VG89  
    D.D: SGCH Twinbrook CHM Hope EX92



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